Town Of Femdom: A Reluctant Hero

Status: In Progress

Public Version: 0.30
Patreon Version: 0.30

The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world. You are a farmer who lost his parents at a very young age. You are on your own and have to maintain the farm in order to survive. All means are good even if it means having to succumb to a few women and their dominant inclinations.​

The Prison 2: Never Ending

Status: In Progress
Public Version: 0.65
Patreon Version: 0.65

The game is a sequel of The Prison. The events are occuring one year after the first game. You are now living a dream life, in spite of previous events that have left scars forever. You're trying to move forward... Unfortunately, things aren't really going to go as well as expected...​

The Prison

Status: Finished
Version: 1.02

You are a merchant and transport goods for the purpose of selling them in different cities. But one day...​

Clicker X Fantasy

Status: Finished
Version: 1.0b

The game is a clicker game. You are playing a male protagonist and the goal is to reach level 100. In order to achieve that, you will have different upgrading options such as auto clicker, random bonuses, skill tree...​