Town Of Femdom – V0.3 Public Release

What’s new in this version:

  • 65 New Renders


  • 1 new short scene when you will sleep again


  • 1 new short scene when you do normal work for her 2 new short scene with a new way to work for her

New Features:

  • Inventory: This is something really new added to the game. This is linked to the continuation of the story. Your inventory will now also show some useful information such the items you currently have, your level etc… And what you are wearing… I don’t want to talk a lot about it but you should give a try by talking to Heda at the market.
  • You can sell and buy items in the shop.
  • After getting the inventory, you will be able to try the fight feature by exploring the forest. This is just a preview of this feature as it takes me a lot of time implementing the inventory plus creating a battle system.


Fixed exploit/bug to get more than 100 of Energy.

Fixed a bug where you could interact with things behind the skills menu etc…


Added a Menu button so you should not have anymore problems on mobile devices to load and save your game progression.

Added specific renders/pictures when you sleep so you will have a better understanding if you are getting cold or not.

Download (Windows, Mac, Linux): Click Here

Download (Android): Click Here